Warbreaker Group Read

Amanda at Ramblings and Naithin at Once Upon a Time  are co-hosting a group read of Brandon Sanderson's fantasy novel Warbreaker.  I'm a Sanderson fan, but for some reason Warbreaker has been sitting on my TBR pile for over a year.  So here's my chance! 

It starts next week:

Section One: Prologue – Chapter 12.
Reading: Monday, May 21st; Questions Out: Saturday, May 26th; Posts: Tuesday May 29th

Section Two: Chapter 13 – Chapter 23.
Reading: Tuesday, May 29th; Questions Out: Saturday, June 2nd; Posts: Tuesday, June 5th

Section Three: Chapter 24 – Chapter 34.
Reading: Tuesday, June 5th; Questions Out: Saturday, June 9th; Posts: Tuesday, June 12th

Section Four: Chapter 35 – Chapter 49.
Reading: Tuesday, June 12th; Questions Out: Saturday, June 16th; Posts: Tuesday, June 19th 

Section Five: Chapter 50 – End.
Reading: Tuesday, June 19th; Questions Out: Saturday, June 23rd; Posts: Tuesday, June 26th

If you'd like to join in, sign up at Naithin's link.  There is a free .pdf of the book available from Sanderson, linked at the sign-up post.


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