Thank You, Jeeves

Thank You, Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse

I'd been wanting to read a Jeeves and Wooster story aloud to my kids for a while, but I had also lent several of my own copies to friends.  The one Jeeves book I had in the house is the one where Bertie spends the entire time in blackface.  So that gave us a lovely opportunity to discuss how times have changed and how some things that were once considered funny are no longer thought to be so.  In fact Jeeves stories are wonderful to read aloud to your kids, if you wish to teach some vocabulary and some history and some of everything else--they are so foreign to the experience of any average modern American kid that you might as well be reading science fiction.  And they're very funny too!

We had a great time reading this aloud.  P. G. Wodehouse was just a comic genius, that's all there is to it.


  1. I stumbled across Wodehouse in my parent's bookcase -- they have 8 or 9 titles, including 2 big anthologies. I had SUCH a good time reading them! I need to find more. What a great idea to read them aloud to the kids! They are certainly G rated - and yet sophisticated and fun for grown ups too. I have to get my hands on more of them!!

  2. I love the Jeeves books :) Ultimate comfort read, absolutely adore them <3


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