Of This and Other Worlds

Of This and Other Worlds, by C. S. Lewis

Last week Scribacchina wrote about non-fiction about fairy tales, which prompted me to go through my mom's bookshelves to see what she had.  I snagged four or five books, because I really need more books on my pile, and of course the one I read right away was a book of essays on stories by C. S. Lewis.  I am pretty sure that will surprise no one.

It's just a collection of various pieces on one theme; some of them were never published or even finished.   A couple are only a page or so long and were written for book blurbs or similar.  I had fun reading them.


  1. C.S. Lewis writes most wonderfully about stories, doesn't he? I'm always interested in whatever he has to say about stories and fairy tales. Cause he is the best.

  2. Yep, that is pretty much the case!

  3. Usually I'm not attracted to this kind of anthology, with published and unpublished material and not really in line with the author's will. But you make it sound fun! (And I'm glad you had fun reading it, or I'd felt guilty that you read it because of my blog...)


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