From Newbury With Love

From Newbury With Love, edited by Anna Horsbrugh-Porter and Marina Aidova

It's about time I came up with a book that is a little more substantial than popular dystopias or mysteries.  So here is my new book that I love.  Petya at the Migrant Bookclub blog recommended it very highly, and then some wonderful mystery person from the WTM book club sent it to me as a present! Only I don't know who it was.

The book is a collection of letters (I love collections of letters) that starts in the early 1970's, between an elderly English bookseller and a young family in the Soviet Union, in what is now Moldova.  Harold, in England, wrote letters of friendship and encouragement to Marina, a little girl whose father had been sentenced to several years in a gulag.  The families corresponded for years, and although many of the letters are missing, you can see the friendships developing and Marina growing up.

The letters and photos, together with notes from Marina explaining circumstances when necessary, make a lovely narrative.  I really enjoyed reading this and am very glad to have had the opportunity.  Thanks, Petya and mystery person!


  1. Oh, I am SO GLAD you read it and liked it! This posting truly made my day!

  2. Oh good! :) Thanks for the recommendation. Someday I will get Wunderkind too.


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