Greek Classics: May Wrapup

Welcome to summer, fellow Greek-readers!  I know May has been a crazy month for me, and I expect it has been for many of you too.  Still, I hope you got something read (Greek or not!).  I didn't get nearly as much of Herodotus read as I had hoped--I'm currently halfway through Book V and taking a break--but I've read two plays of Aristophanes and I have a pile of Euripides and poetry that I'm looking forward to reading this summer.  I think that puts me at nearly halfway through my goal for the year, so I'm pretty happy at the moment.

The Theater of Dionysus at Athens--but it was built of wood when Sophocles was writing plays

May your summer be full of fun, relaxation, and good books!  If you've got anything to link up to for this month, you know what to do.


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