TBR Final Check-in

Bev at My Reader's Block has asked for a final check-in.

1. Tell us how many miles you made it up your mountain (# of books read). If you've planted your flag on the peak, then tell us and celebrate (and wave!).  Even if you were especially athletic and have been sitting atop your mountain for months, please check back in and remind us quickly you sprinted up that trail. And feel free to tell us about any particularly exciting adventures you've had along the way.

I read 25 books and got to the Mt. Vancouver level, which is twice as high as I had originally planned.  I really enjoyed most of the books (OK, not The Communist Manifesto) too.

2. Using the titles of the books you read this year, please fill in "My Life in Books 2012":

One time at band/summer camp, I:  found a Haunted Dolls' House
Weekends at my house are: Nightmare Abbey
My neighbor is: Doctor Thorne
My (ex) boss is: The New Road to Serfdom
My ex was:  The Man in the High Castle 

My superhero secret identity is:  Peer Gynt
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry because:  I appear in the Book of Beasts
I’d win a gold medal in: Winking at the Brim
I’d pay good money for:  A School for Scandal
If I were president, I would:  be A Golden Legend
When I don’t have good books, I:  look at A Distant Mirror
Loud talkers at the movies should:  Disappear (like Mr. Dixon)

Thanks, Bev, for hosting this fun challenge!  I'm looking forward to next year.
  1. The Story of an African Farm, by Olive Schreiner
  2. The Man in the High Castle, by Philip K. Dick
  3. The Book of Beasts, trans. T. H. White
  4. Mr. Dixon Disappears, by Ian Sansom
  5. Nightmare Abbey, by Thomas Love Peacock
  6. The Haunted Dolls' House and Other Stories, by M. R. James  
  7. The New Road to Serfdom, by Daniel Hannan 
  8.  Doctor Thorne, by Anthony Trollope
  9. Winking at the Brim, by Gladys Mitchell 
  10. Lovely is the Lee, by Robert Gibbings 
  11. A Collection of Essays by George Orwell
  12.  Erewhon, by Samuel Butler
  13. Warbreaker, by Brandon Sanderson 
  14. Decameron, by Boccaccio
  15.  Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert
  16. Twenty Years A-Growing, by Maurice O'Sullivan
  17. The Communist Manifesto, by Marx and Engels
  18.  The First World War, by John Keegan
  19. Peer Gynt, by Henrik Ibsen
  20. The School for Scandal, by Sheridan
  21. The Golden Legend, by Jacobus de Voraigne
  22. A Distant Mirror, by Barbara Tuchman 
  23. The Penguin Book of Russian Short Stories 
  24.  Sciencia, ed. John Martineau
  25. Night, by Elie Wiesel 


  1. congrats on your year's climb! and thanks for playing on the title fill-in. I love reading these.


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