Readathon Wrapup

It's not even 8pm here, but I'm wrapping up my readathon because it's finally cold and dry enough outside to do some chocolate tonight.  My chocolate is melting in the oven now, and I'm going to do truffles!  I love truffles.  I've been thwarted in the last couple of days by incessant rain, which is good for everything except dipping chocolate.

Although I couldn't sit around all weekend and do nothing but read, I am pretty happy with what I got to do.

I made really good progress in The Good Soldier Svejk, enough that I got tired of it and didn't read any today.

I read 4 chapters of Return of the Native.

Probably around 4 chapters of Quo Vadis too.

I started a book!  I just got Peter Kreeft's book You Can Understand the Bible.  It's meant to facilitate Biblical literacy and help people get familiar with the Bible.  I am already pretty familiar with the Bible, but I'm really enjoying his thoughts and the slightly different perspective (since he's Catholic, and I'm not).

I also read A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas.  I was looking at the Christmas bookshelf and realized that I have never read one of the most famous Christmas memoirs there is.  So I read it.

I finished Geraldus Cambrensis' The History and Topography of Ireland, which is a lovely little book that I chose to finish off my medieval lit challenge.  I was about 2/3 of the way through.

I read all of Book VI of the Histories!

And I finished my gym book, Operation Mincemeat, about a secret operation in WWII.

Now I've got a pile of things to write up in proper posts.  But not tonight.


  1. Congrats on the readathon! I have been meaning to do one myself but am not sure which one to do.

  2. Just pick one, Raquel! :) Though I'd pick a short one first. Some of them are a week long.


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