A Child's Christmas in Wales

 The other day I was looking through my shelf of Christmas books and realized that I have had a lovely copy of A Child's Christmas in Wales for years, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone no less, but I've never actually read it.  I decided to fix that problem right away.

Thomas Dylan recounts his childhood memories of Christmas in the 1920s in a meandering, stream-of-consciousness kind of style.  He remembers food, fires, innumerable aunts and uncles, fights with other boys, toys, all sorts of things.

It's reasonably pleasant but to be honest I expected to enjoy it more.  I usually love reminiscences of childhood Christmases from long ago.  But, meh.

I'll count this as a half or something towards my Christmas challenge.  It's a pretty tiny book to count as a whole one, and I have other plans!


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