Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror

Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, by Chris Priestly

This is a children's book of sinister, creepy stories.  I think there is definitely some Jamesian influence here!  (Heck, the uncle is named after James, don't you think?)  The kid goes to visit his Uncle Montague every so often, and hears his stories about various artifacts around the house.  He thinks they're fiction....but are they?

It's illustrated in a very Gorey-like style, and I should think it is in many ways an imitation of Bellairs' stories for children, and other things of that sort.  

I expected to like this book, but I think it crosses a line.  It would be better as a teen book or something, and I did not give it to my kids.   I did not enjoy it as I thought I would.


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