Herodotus Book VI

On Sunday I got very comfy on my couch and read all of Book VI of the Histories.

Book VI starts off with a rather depressing litany of Persian victories over small peoples.  I was worried that the whole book would be like that, but happily Herodotus moved on to a very interesting discussion of Spartan customs and history.  He spent most of the book in Greece, various city-states, especially the wars between Aegina and Athens.  The Battle of Marathon also takes place here, so that was neat.

The plain at Marathon

Three more to go! I hope I can do it by the end of the year.

I feel like I've been posting fun stuff that's not book pieces for days, and meanwhile I have a pile of books to post about.  Things have been a bit busy in real life, I guess.  But stay tuned as I try to write up all these books!


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