Sunday post #2

I still seem to be in a posting slump, but I am reading more, so, progress!  You may recall that Jenny at Reading the End is running a weekly event where we share good things about the week.

We've had some very good news this week, as my husband received and accepted a job offer that he is pretty excited about.  That has been a huge relief.

Right now, something that is bringing me joy is that my 14-year-old's two friends are here.  They are sisters, and make an adorable little trio with my daughter.  They used to get together often, but the family moved away over a year ago.  So we were thrilled when they showed up this weekend!  The girls have been having a great time all day and we took them out for lunch.  It's not a big special event, just a sweet reunion for them.

And one more fun thing that I just now thought to include: I took a backwards bicycle ride on Thursday!  I went to pick up a kid and found a guy riding what can only be described as a pushmipullyu bike; it carries two people and one rides backwards.  Each person has to pedal to make it go.  The gear and chain setup is a little complex, and crosses in the middle. 

Riding backwards is fairly terrifying, but it was a lot of fun.  It's especially scary while making turns, if you're going fast enough to lean over.  It doesn't feel at all right to lean over to the right, backwards, while the lead rider turns left.


  1. That bike is so strange! I love that some people just think differently.


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