Something on Sunday, Oct 22

Okay, I can't really say I'm in a blogging slump any more.  I'm just having a really hard time getting to the computer to write posts!  And I'm working a lot for the next few days, so don't expect better any time soon.  So here we go with another short one, filled with the small but good things of the last week:

My car flipped to 150,000 miles and I caught it on film.  Plus, it still runs at 150K.  Pretty much.  Keep going, little car!

The used book-sorting gig was exciting when we got three boxes of ancient pulp paperbacks, mostly in pretty good shape, nearly all Westerns.  I love pulp paperback covers! 

They all looked just like this.
My husband and I went to see The Princess Bride at an actual movie theater!  I think that it's a practically perfect film, and I didn't see it the first time 'round (I don't think?) so that was really fun.  It was kind of a bummer that there were a lot of superfans there who felt it necessary to recite famous lines along with the characters.  I did not pay to hear those guys say it, I wanted to hear Inigo!  Keep that at home, people.  This is not the Rocky Horror Picture Show and it's not there every Friday night. 

And then on Friday it was the Almond Bowl.  There are two high schools in our city, and their football game is a huge deal with a lot of turnout; it's the only time football pulls a big crowd.  I've actually never been before, but now my kid is in the band, so we were committed to go and then stay until the bitter end.  I liked the band parts best.  They did a great halftime show, and I wore my brand-new t-shirt which says on the back, "It's cool, I'm with THE BAND."  As a besotted parent, I think this is far funnier than it probably actually is.


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