Something on Sunday, 10/15

Jenny at Reading the End has been doing a 'Something on Sunday' event, where we post something good or inspiring.  It's been a pretty rotten week in the world outside, so we all probably need it.

I got all inspired this week with a quilt idea.  (I have a lot of quilt ideas.)  I belong to a quilting guild, and they have a challenge every two years.  This one starts in January and will have an animal theme.  I'm not much on animal sewing, but I have a brilliant idea for this one.  Hint: it will connect to this blog and my love of reading.  I can't wait to get started!

Another hint

This week I managed to kill my car battery by leaving the lights on (the weird part is that I didn't know they were on at all; it was the middle of the afternoon, I have no idea what they were doing on).  It was a hassle to get a jump, and I was feeling pretty dumb for killing the battery, but then this Toy Dolls song that I had never heard before came on my playlist and I laughed all the way home.  Play the first 30 seconds and see if you don't crack up too:

Less cheerfully, here in northern California we're all riveted by the fires in Sonoma County.  Stories and video are starting to come out, and it's horrific.  From what I hear, about 10% of the population of the county is now houseless.  It turns out that evacuation orders only went out over landlines, and people without them didn't get any warnings (keep your landline, people).  The fires moved so fast that many people only had a few minutes to get out, and a lot of them spent those minutes rousing neighbors instead of packing.  That part is pretty inspiring, even if the rest of it is awful.


  1. Oof, yeah, all the news out of Sonoma County has been heartbreaking. It seems like we are constantly careening from crisis to crisis, such that none of the millions of crises ever gets the attention and care that it deserves. Sonoma County is one of those -- it's miserable and in another year I wouldn't be thinking or talking about anything else. But we're in this year, so I'm always neglecting something. It is wearing me out, friend.

    BUT: I am excited to hear about your quilting idea! You are a quilt genius!

  2. It really is exhausting, the way something new and horrific is happening every week. Las Vegas was like two weeks ago and we're already, what, two crises past it? Do I help the local fire victims or the Sonoma ones? -- and now Santa Cruz has a fire. And Puerto Rico!

    Aw thanks. I *want* to be a textile/quilting/embroidery genius. I'm not really up there with the artists, but I imitate them some... :)


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