Eugene Onegin Read-Along

I couldn't resist this read-along of Eugene Onegin to kick off 2014.  What's one more January event, right?  So I'll be joining Marian at Tanglewood for a read-along.  You'll find the schedule here and it's completely
doable if you want to join up too!  Plus she has a bunch of really pretty buttons.

The first time I read Pushkin's verse novel, I read Babette Deutsch's translation--here are my thoughts on that.  This time I would like to try a different translation, hopefully the Falen.  Does anyone know anything about the Mitchell version?


  1. I'm so glad you joined! :) Different translations are almost like different books. I'm a little biased towards Falen, since it was my first, but Mitchell's is also very good!

  2. Here is an interesting post on a blog about the different translations:

    If you look at the comments, two Russians named their favourites: one voted Falen, the other Mitchell. I think you'd do well if you went with Mitchell. In any case, let us know which one you decide on!


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