2014 Reading Goals

I haven't really posted a "Best of 2013 List" because I've done a lot of that in various wrap-up posts.  I'm not sure you really need to hear again how much I loved Anna Karenina.  But I will repeat myself about Dancing Goddesses because I only just read that, so--people!  Dancing Goddesses is fantastic!

I just went back and looked at my goals for 2013, and here they are:

Work on my Classics Club list.  Check!

Keep reading my TBR pile. Check!  Now I have a WHOLE NEW TBR pile of books I got this year and haven't read yet...

Work on whittling down my Amazon wishlist of books I want to read. Check!  It's longer than every anyway, but I did get quite a few titles off.

NOT count titles.  Check!  I have no idea how many books I read this year, though it's probably fewer than last year because I tackled a bunch of chunksters.  I also do not know the breakdowns between fiction/non-fiction, male/female authors, library/owned books, or anything else.  Not a clue.
NOT pressure myself to post.  I think I did OK with this.  I did usually enjoy posting, which was the point, and I very frequently put off posting in favor of reading, which was probably good.

NOT join every challenge I see.  Um.  Well, I see a lot of challenges, and I only joined about 10.  Yeah, total fail there, but I did enjoy the challenges and several were good for me.  I had the same intentions for 2014--I think I'll cut back, be minimalist....and here I am with 10 again, not even counting Classics Club and the Non-Fiction Project.

I'm really looking forward to a lot of the reading I've got planned for 2014.  Arthurian literature!  Russians!  History!  Whee!  I don't know that I have a lot of changes to the list above; I'm still going to work on those same things and I'm still going to avoid counting anything.


  1. I only read 29 books this year. That is insane and only about half of what I usually read. I'm blaming the baby (and the toddler and the teenager). I've decided to go challenge crazy because I am really hoping I have an awesome reading year.

  2. I hear you about the challenges. Me too. I was cutting back on the books I was going to read and, blammo, here I am with a ba-zillion challenges (I'm not counting how many I have, because I don't want to get whoozy)

    I really enjoy all the books you choose, Jean. You've exposed me to so many that I would never have found otherwise. All the best for 2014!


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