Return of the Native Readalong!

I had a great time reading Madame Bovary with Adriana from Classical Quest and Christina Joy at Classic Case of Madness.  They are reading their way through the Well-Educated Mind's booklist, which is an excellent project, and they just finished Anna Karenina (which I really wanted to do but it was right during Gothic October, so I'm planning for it in 2013).  Now they're starting Thomas Hardy's Return of the Native, and I'm joining in again, yay!

This book is divided into 6 sections, so I'll check in after every two.  I think that will work.

I've read hardly any Hardy, except his most cheerful book, Under the Greenwood Tree.  So this will be new territory for me.  (Edit: I just remembered, I've also read Tess.) Am I going to get my heart broken?


  1. What a great idea. I've been reading the books out of order. I haven't read Return of the Native yet. Mayhaps!

  2. Hoorah!!! It's so much more fun with company.
    =Christina Joy=

  3. I'm in the middle of Tess (like you, it's my second Hardy and Greenwood was my first). I must say it's pretty heartbreaking so far.


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