Top Ten Authors I'm Thankful For

The Broke and the Bookish has a Top Ten meme every week.  I meant to do this one days ago...actually you can probably guess most of them if you show up at Howling Frog very often.  But I have bread rising in the oven, and all the rest of my share of Thanksgiving cooking is done, so this seems like a good time.

(Now that I've written the list, I see that I've cheated a bit.  Oops.)

10.  Jasper Fforde, for inventing the Bookworld and Tuesday Next.  Plock.

9.  For humor, Gerald Durrell and P. G. Wodehouse and yes, Daniel Pinkwater--I couldn't get along without them.

8.  Eleanor Farjeon, Elizabeth Goudge and Susan Cooper come in just under #7.

7.   L. M. Boston and E. Nesbit are the first really wonderful authors I can remember reading and absorbing as a kid.

6.  I've read exactly one Elizabeth von Arnim book in my life--Enchanted April--but it came along just when I needed it.

5.  I don't really read Madeleine L'Engle much these days, but I sure did when I was younger.  I still have all of the books I collected.  The same goes for L. M. Montgomery.

4.  Jane Austen, of course.  What would life be without her?

3.  C. S. Lewis--not just for his fantasy/SF books, but also the lay theology, literary criticism, and anything else.

2.  Susan Wise Bauer--homeschooling guru, historian, and all-around inspiration.  Reading The Well-Trained Mind 10 years ago absolutely changed my life.

1.  Diana Wynne Jones, that goes without saying.  She can't be beat!

Wow, so many authors to be thankful for!  And a whole lot more I couldn't get on the list.


  1. Lewis and L'Engle are great choices. Ill have to check out a few of these other others.

    Check out out TTT!

    ~Krisha @ INKK

  2. Hi Inkk! Thanks for coming by! If you like YA you should really try DWJ. :)


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