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Nothing!  I'm kind of reading nothing right now, which is a very weird feeling.  I never read nothing.  But I got back from my trip and plunged into a frenzy of homeschool planning, so all my time has been spent in typing up reading lists that match our history (we are doing early modern history this year, 1600-1850), studying the chemistry book and kit to find out what supplies we need, and going over writing programs to make sure I understand what we're going to be doing.  I've been reading over the relevant bits in my favorite book on homeschooling, which I nearly have memorized anyway (it's The Well-Trained Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise--they are my homeschooling gurus).

This cute kindergartener is now going into 4th grade!

Here is what I still have to do: read over the chemistry book to make sure I understand everything, practice my algebra quite a lot, put together history instructions, and wrestle with this new planning software I'm trying out.  I think it will be great after the kinks are worked out of it, but so far there are too many kinks for it to be really useful, and I'm thinking I'll stick with paper and pencil for now.  Oh, and of course I haven't bought any composition books or binders or other school supplies yet. 

The schoolroom is a gigantic mess at the moment because the girls have been very artistic lately, which means very messy, and my younger one is working on a quilt top.  We hope to finish it today, but in the meantime it's been spread out on the schoolroom floor for the past couple of weeks.

Anyway, the result is that I haven't been able to settle down to an actual reading book.  I have lots of lovely things to read, but little concentration on anything that isn't curriculum-related for the moment.  I'm sure I'll get over it soon though!


  1. I have worked out the majority of my homeschool planning. I have just one more and she has just a couple of credit hours to fulfill for graduation. Homeschool planning takes some serious concentration, so I can see why you are not reading anything at the moment. I love The Well Trained Mind, BTW.


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