Greek Classics: June Wrap-up

Hey students of Greek literature, we're halfway through the year!  How are you all doing with your challenges?  Are you happy with your progress or are you wishing you hadn't signed up for so much?

What Greek classics have you read this month?  I finished up Aristophanes, and I've been reading a selection of poetry, but I must confess that I've been paying more attention to Bleak House than to Euripides.  I'm not really quite halfway through my challenge, so I'd better step up!

Leave your links at the widget below; you know what to do.  And have a very happy Fourth of July (should that apply to you)!


  1. Hi Jean - It sound as if you are experiencing some "Greek fatigue" !I have read a fair amount of the GreeK Classics. I find that they are best taken in intermittent. I will read a play or pice of philosophy or two, move on to some other thing, then back to the Greeks.

    However you continue - happy reading!

  2. Hi Brian! I've been enjoying the Greeks, it's just that I'm *also* enjoying the Victorian Celebration! I did take a vacation from Herodotus, but I'm about ready to tackle him again. I'm not going to yet, though, since I'm about to go on a roadtrip.


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