I'm back!

I had a great vacation visiting family members and my best friend (hi Jen!).  I drove around half of California.  And now I'm really, really tired.  I have a few books to tell you about but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I got lucky with the timing and missed a bad heatwave in my own town.  It's still going on, but I missed the part that included smoke from wildfires too.  I had forgotten how cool my hometown is and I was cold half the time!  It was very nice though.  Also, no one here cooks tri-tip so that it tastes right.  I ate more yummy tri-tip than was strictly good for me!

Here is where we spent a day.  Can you guess where it is?  I rented wetsuits for the girls, but even so my younger girl got thoroughly chilled.  My oldest's ambition is to be a beach bum and she had to be dragged away.

We also went to this beach and amusement park for an afternoon and Dollar Night.  Here you see a favorite ride.  We still have a small dead jellyfish in a Tupperware box full of seawater as a souvenir.


  1. Nope, I didn't get down south that far. The top photo is of Avila Beach, where I spent many days as a teenager. :)


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