Warbreaker Readalong IV

This week we read chapters 35-49.  I did not want to stop reading!  There is not much left to go and I can't wait to get to the rest of the story.  I do not see how all my questions can be answered by the end.

1) So, pretty much everything has been flipped up on its head in this section. Which particular revelation was the greatest shock to you and how has it impacted your view of the book as a whole?
 I was really surprised.  Even though I said at the beginning that the two mercenaries reminded me of the horrible Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar (who doesn't say much but tortures small animals a lot), I had gotten to like them and was taken by surprise.  And they were using Vivenna to start the war!  Last week I noticed that she was being counterproductive but I didn't think through the implications enough.

I thought from the start that Vasher didn't seem like a bad guy, and I'm glad to have that confirmed.  And I'm not at all sure that Siri is making smart moves at the moment.
2) Vasher is perhaps one of those things who we’ve had flipped over on us. Turns out he may have once been a scholar, even! Vasher and Viveena have quite the conversation about Awakening and Returned and skate across the topic of ‘Type 4’ Awakened Objects, which the story implies to be objects like Nightblood. Vasher is completely unwilling to discuss it any further – any guesses as to why?
Vasher didn't make Nightblood, but he clearly doesn't want to explain the sword to anyone.  It's quite a burden to him, I think.  I think he probably fears (rightly) that if people get to know much about type 4 objects they will want to make more of them, and it doesn't look like Nightblood can be used for good.  It's a tool with a personality, and all that personality wants is to fulfill its purpose.
3) Siri’s conversation with Treledees perhaps indicated that for all the disregard he shows for Siri, that he may in fact still care for the God King. If true, does this clash with their idea of simply holding onto the Divine Breath until the return of another, or how could you see it being reconciled?
Oh, I think Treledees can care for the vessel and wish for its good, while still putting the vessel completely subordinate to its purpose of passing on the Breath.
4) We’re so far through the book now, and the War has yet to come. Do you (still?) see it as inevitable, or do you think that it may yet be headed off?
 If it is headed off, which I do hope, we will get right to the very brink of war.  Maybe someone will come up with a way to turn off the whole Lifeless army?


  1. I had thought the same thing about the mercenaries being like Croup & Vandemar up until their betrayal. Then I felt outraged on Vivenna's behalf even though I don't particularly like her.

  2. I'm very curious about all the rumors of the lost Lifeless army int he jungle. Some of the Idrian rebels go out searching for it from time to time. We're getting down to the wire, and it should be interesting to see how the ending plays out.

  3. I am reminded of the end of Mistborn: The Final Empire, when it seemed like an impossible number of things needed to be tied up in the last few chapters: nail-biting stuff! :)

  4. I liked Vasher from the beginning too, and completely agree that it's awesome he turned out to be the good guy of that particular conflict xD

  5. I wondered about the effect Vivenna was having on things (lead by Denth et al) but still didn't spot their ulterior motive. I just thought war was becomming inevitable.


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