Russian Literature Reading Challenge 2017

OK, I totally LIED about that whole 'last challenge' thing.  Because to my joy, a Russian literature challenge has popped up, hosted by Keely at we went outside and saw the stars.  I'd been hoping for a Russian lit challenge, but I didn't think any would happen.    So now I'm signing up for my sixth challenge.  Which is still four less than the biggest year I had!

Keely says:

I'll just be reading Classic Russian Literature (mostly the 19th Century) but I welcome anyone that participates to read 20th century or contemporary Russian Literature and Non Fiction. I'll be listing the books I want to read on my 2017 Challenges Page.
Like with many challenges there will be four levels (going to make it interesting and name them after my favourite Russian writers):

  • Level One (Tolstoy): 1-3 books 
  • Level Two (Chekov): 4-6 books 
  • Level Three (Dostoevsky): 7-11 books
  • Level Four (Turgenev): 12+ books
You can count short stories, poetry, novels, novellas and plays in your book count. I don't really mind.

Keely has also provided a handy and massive list of Russian literature, arranged by century.  It's pretty fantabulous, so head on over and check it out.

I'll sign up for the Chekhov level of 4-6 books and see what happens from there!


  1. LOL! Never say never! I'm glad that you're so excited about it. I can't wait to see what you choose to read!

  2. LOL, how some Tolstoy is the smallest level??)) Anyways, I always read your reviews of the Russians with great interest, so hopefully you'll have many of them)))

  3. Im just as excited as you are! Russian novels are some of my favourites and I cant wait to read more next year.

  4. I can't resist a Russian Challenge either!


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