A Month of Faves 2016 Day 12: Weirdest Book

Estella's Revenge hosts a Month of Faves in December, so we can remember some of the good stuff that happened this year!  Today's prompt:

Mon. | Dec. 12 – The Most Unique, Weird or Most Memorable Book(s) Read This Year – not necessarily your favorite book because it could be memorable for how bad or how much you liked or disliked the characters.

I read some fairly strange books this year.  Just the other day, in fact, I read the biography of a fictional writer that was as surreal as anything I've ever read:   A Nose for Fiction

 Another surreal modern novel was Baba Yaga Laid an Egg, about women getting older.  Partly.

Weirdest mystery prize goes to The Dead Mountaineer's Inn, a murder mystery at a snowed-in ski resort involving a cast of strange people and...aliens?

The oddest regular novel I read entwined the Cluny tapestries with the fortunes of a mixed-race Indian girl in the 1930s: The Lady and the Unicorn, by Rumer Godden

Hermann's badge was the angry parrot eagle.
In medieval literature, there was this oddball little story by Hermann von Aue about Poor Heinrich,, a proud knight brought low by a horrible disease.  The only way to cure it is for a pure young girl willing to give her life for him.  Will Heinrich let it happen?

So there you have it -- a quick rundown of some of my favorite weird books this year.


  1. The Master and Margarita doesn't even make the cut?

  2. :-D You've certainly read some bizarre ones. I've found the few Rumer Godden books I've read weird. I'm not sure if I want to try her again.

  3. I must admit Baba Yaga Laid an Egg is an intriguing title!

  4. i got a kick out of "the elephant" by slawomir mrozek, pictures by daniel mroz... satiric tales of ussr occupied poland. Mroz, the illustrator of Lem's robotic tales, draws wonderful illustrations... come to think of it, i like this book more than most i read this year...

  5. Thanks for joining in #AMonthOfFaves2016 today! :)


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