15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day 15

It's the final countdown day!  Today April at Good Books and Good Wine wants to know who my blogging mentors are.  Who do I look up to?

Well, my friend Jenny taught me how to do this in the first place, so I guess she would be #1.  She is not blogging right now though, having left the bloggerverse for law school.

I love reading Bookshelves of Doom.  Even the name is awesome, and Leila keeps us updated on good books, news about book challenges, and plus she sells excellent stamp jewelry in her Etsy store.

Amy at Book Musings encourages me to read books I'm scared of, and since they are always great that makes me happy.

Eva at A Striped Armchair hasn't been around much lately because she is globe-trotting, but her blog is what I'd like mine to be, though it never will.

I read a lot of book blogs, and there are things I love about most of them, so you can all count yourselves. :)  And now I'm finished with the challenge!


  1. That is possibly the nicest thing that I've had said about me on the internet. :) Thanks, Jean.


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