15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day 14

Today I'm supposed to talk about deal-breakers.  What will make me quit reading?

  1. Smooshy romance.  I'm not averse to a little romance, but on the whole it's not my thing.  The sloppier or more obsessive it gets, the less likely I am to read it.
  2. TMI.  Too much explicit this or that--violence, gore, sex, language, whatever--is not what I'm looking for.  Scientific gore is OK.
  3. Unrelenting tragedy (fictional).  Life is quite hard enough, thank you, and I read novels to be cheered up, not to wind up depressed about the cruelty of the universe.  Real tragedy has to be read so I can learn about things, but fake gratuitous tragedy, no.


Anonymous said…
Sexual violence is not always a deal-breaker for me but it's a deal-strainer very much. And yeah, TMI can be one for me as well. I'm awful at handling gore.

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