Winking at the Brim

Winking at the Brim, by Gladys Mitchell

I picked this paperback mystery out of the pile I was given because I recognized Gladys Mitchell's name. She was quite well-known in her day, but her books have lost popularity. Her detective is a psychologist, which was exotic at the time, and she's a weird character, but in this book Dame Bradley is very toned-down and doesn't even come into the story much. The heroine is really her granddaughter Sally, who joins an expedition to a Scottish loch in order to search for an aquatic monster said to live there. The company is an ill-assorted bunch, and eventually one of them ends up dead.

The story was quite fun, but really the mystery part of it was the least interesting. It wasn't terrible though. The cover on this book is so ugly I hate to post it, but there you go.


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