Grave Mistake

Grave Mistake, by Ngaio Marsh

It's been the kind of week where I read a lot of brain-candy mystery novels. My little girl has been having trouble with her eyes and started vision therapy today, so I've been very taken up with that. Wish her luck!

I picked Grave Mistake out of my pile of old mysteries. I like Ngaio Marsh; her writing is really nice to read, though she does tend to focus on painting and the theater to the exclusion of all else. Most of her mysteries are set in England, but since she was really a Kiwi from New Zealand, she set a few stories there too (not this one), and those make a nice change.

This story is mostly told from the point of view of the victim's neighbor and old friend. The charming, ultra-feminine, hypochondriac Sybil is killed at a nursing home during a vacation. Was it the unscrupulous doctor? The wastrel, semi-criminal stepson? Perhaps even the jealous nurse or the covetous neighbor?


  1. Good luck for your little one! I hope the therapy is helping her!

  2. Thanks Cassandra! I hope so too. I suppose it will be several weeks before we really know, but the exercises are pretty hard work for her so I think that's good.

    Her eyes are not working together as they should, and she's been getting headaches when she reads small print or does math homework. I'm glad we figured this out, and now I'm realizing that this explains a lot about her!

  3. I hope the therapy goes well.

    I've enjoyed the few Marsh's I've read, actually listened to. I haven't gotten around to this one yet, though.


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