Alloy of Law on Audio

Hey everyone, I have a little treat for you! This is most of the first chapter of Brandon Sanderson's The Alloy of Law on audio. I listened to it, and I thought Michael Kramer had a good voice for the narration; to me, he evoked the feeling of the novel nicely. I would like to listen to more.

I'm not really much of an audiobook person because I get impatient. I can read much faster than anyone can narrate. But my husband listens to a lot of audio on his long commute, and my daughter loves them (now I know why; it's hard work for her eyes to focus on small print for long). So I am learning to appreciate audiobooks.

The clip does start rather suddenly, with no intro time, and since the story begins with dialogue it took me a short while to figure out where I was. Remember, like I said before, this is something of a Western, and it starts in the middle of a gunfight in a ghost town. Enjoy!


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