Challenge Quilt 2018

About a month ago I wrote a little newsy post in which I mentioned I was finishing up a challenge quilt for my guild, and that the quilt had a connection with my blog here too.  The other night, we had our December meeting and showed off all the quilts, and it was quite fun.  So now I can show you all too!

The rules were that it had to be 24" square or less, and feature an animal.  Well, for years I'd been meaning to embroider my blog motto, "To be literate is to possess the cow of plenty."  I wanted to embroider a cow of plenty, but obviously it had to be an Indian cow of plenty, and when I first thought of it, line drawings of Indian cows were hard to come by.  Since then, mehndi and coloring books have both become popular, and so I was able to find several Indian cows, which I sort of melded into a cow I liked.  I bought silk dupioni with the intent of using a classic Indian color combination: blue, peacock, pink, and orange.  And so here is my cow of plenty:

The green is really peacock, not pine.
I don't think the quilt's full splendor can be appreciated with a not-very-good photo, but you can sort of see.  It certainly is an odd little quilt, isn't it? 

There's been other guild news too; quilt donations poured in for fire victims, and so the guild has been giving quilts away.  They kind of ran out yesterday, in fact, but more are coming, and we hope to continue for a few months.  Other post-fire news....well, we got a lot of rain and had some flooding.  Now everybody is scrambling for housing and it's a real mess of a problem.  FEMA is supposed to be bringing in trailers but there are far too many people for just one solution to work.  Things are getting sorted out, slowly.

Today was the last day of my semester.  My kid survived the first semester of college!  I wrote a bunch of citation guides!  And now I'm ready to start getting ready for Christmas.


  1. Gorgeous little quilt! I love the embroidered Cow of Plenty.

  2. Beautiful! Learning to quilt is on my bucket list. Please keep reminding me and inspiring me! :-)


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