The Tick: The Naked City

The Tick: The Naked City, by Ben Edlund

My kid got me a present, and it was a good one!  We are all Tick fans here, but it's a long time since I saw any of the graphic novels.  This is a collection of the first six Tick comics, in which he arrives in the City in order to greet his destiny.  Destiny takes the form of a lot of ninjas!  And there is plenty of other action to keep Tick amused, until he meets Arthur, his sidekick, and his new nemesis....the Red Scare.

 Oh, I just love the Tick.  SPOON!

They're in disguise.  As a hedge.


  1. I've only seen the animated show, never read the comics, but I, too, love the Tick. Maybe I'll look for a copy of this


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