Summer Reading

My school year is almost over, and there are some changes coming down the line.  Today is my last working day of the semester, and I have the summer off, so that will be an immediate difference.  Tomorrow is my last day as a homeschooling mom; my younger daughter will be heading to high school in the fall, and I guess I'm retiring.  So in a couple of months, I'll have a good deal more time to devote to such things as housekeeping, doing outside things, reading books, sewing quilts, and....well, hopefully working, but my bid for more hours is on hold for the moment.  I won't have any trouble filling the time, don't worry about that!

Every summer, I take a lot of books home from work and hope to have time to read them all, which I never do.  That doesn't stop me.  My TBR pile is particularly out of control these days, so to amuse myself I made a stack.  This is not a complete stack of all the books on my TBR and library shelves.  This is a stack just of books I want to read for the Reading All Around the World project, and it's incomplete because I took some more books home after taking the picture.

My other summer plans include emptying a kid bedroom, painting it, and putting a good deal less stuff back in.  I'll take the kids down to my hometown (and the beach!) for my friend's daughter's wedding.  And we plan to finish the summer with a trip to Oregon to see the solar eclipse!  It will be a partial eclipse around here, but if we go just a few hours north, we can see totality.

The eclipse is on our first day of school, so we'll be missing that.  It seems to me that this is an event of enough importance to rearrange the calendar a little bit.  Principals, I call upon you to start school on the 22nd of August rather than the 21st!


  1. Somehow, Jean, with all you are committed to doing, you still amaze me with how much reading you accomplish. You must not sleep -- you didn't say you slept.

  2. Ahahaha, I sleep a lot! My secret is that I read while doing other stuff, like pottering about the house. I will totally cook and read (when I cook, which is abysmally infrequently lately). That's why I struggle so much with giant, heavy books like Thucydides -- I have to be sitting down the whole time, which I don't do nearly so much of.

  3. I need to get back to redecorating - I was doing such a good job but I decided to have "a little break" and haven't done anything for well over a month, coming up to two I think. I can now no longer call my mission "spring cleaning" :)

  4. Every year I *want* to spring clean, but end-of-school-year business precludes doing much. Then I mean to do it during the summer, but I tend to melt into a sad puddle as soon as it hits 95. You would think after spending 3/4 of my life, a good 30 years, in the central valleys of California, that I would be used to it, but I'm NOT.


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