TBR Challenge Wrap-Up

It's just wrapup after wrapup around here, but feel free to skip if you're getting bored. :)  Adam asks how we did with the TBR Pile Challenge---
  1. Playing With Fire, by the Sangtin Writers -- good stuff.
  2. The Mill on the Floss, by George Eliot-- lovely.
  3. People Tell Me Things, by David Finklee--Meh.  One of the meh-est books of my year.
  4. Still Life, by A. S. Byatt--This was my FAIL title.  Did not finish.
  5. History in English Words, by Owen Barfield--Second time's the charm; I enjoyed this.
  6. Candide, by Voltaire--culturally educational.
  7. Tristram Shandy, by Laurence Sterne --weird.
  8. Mirror of Flowers, by Dorothea Eastwood--fun!
  9. The Man Born to Be King, by Dorothy Sayers --really good, and not nearly as intimidating as I expected.
  10. Second Treatise on Government, by John Locke--I did it!
  11. In the Steps of the Master, by V. H. Morton--zowie, great stuff.
  12. The Green and Burning Tree, by Eleanor Cameron--pretty good.
And alternate titles:
  1. Joseph Andrews, by Henry Fielding  --fun.
  2. Two Lives of Charlemagne, by Einhar and Notker the Stammerer--quite good.
So this time, I did fail to read one of them.  But at least I found out that it's an Unreadable Book and sent it off to donate to someone who might like it.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed. This whole challenge was a fail for me, but it did serve an important purpose of getting me to practice sticking to a list. Ugh! I think I'll finish with about 9 books read, possibly 10, so it wasn't a complete disaster. Congratulations on finishing!

    Owen Barfield ...... I have one of his books on my bookshelf. I must bump it up in the pile.


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