2014 Challenges Overview

As usual, I took on a lot of challenges this year.  Let's see how I did.  I'm sure you're tired of these by now and I am too, so I hope this is the final one!

Arthurian Literature Challenge: My own baby challenge was quite fun.  I wanted to hit the Paladin level of 6 or more, and I read 12 works of literature and one history book for a total of 13.  So, not bad.

A Sail to the Past History Reading Challenge: Fanda had a good one this year!  I signed up for 7 history books, and I read 8 in all.  I would have liked to read more!  Challenge exceeded.

Back to the Classics Challenge: This year, Katherine gave us 6 required categories and 5 optional.  I did them all, but I completely forgot about the part where the books had to be 50+ years old and one of my optional titles doesn't actually count.  Still, I did the required part and I only didn't hit the optional because I didn't figure out the rule until mid-December.  I'm going to call it complete.

Chunkster Challenge: Vasilly didn't want to set levels, so I decided I would start with 6 and see what happened.  I wound up with 10 chunkster titles, all pretty gigantic.  Challenge complete!

European Reading Challenge: Rose City Reader's challenge is a lot of fun, and I signed up for the highest level, 5 books.  I actually hit 14 different countries.  This is a much lower number than last year; the Russian literature ate up a large chunk of my European-flavored reading and so I just didn't have the variety this time.  Still, I exceeded the official goal.

Harlem Renaissance Challenge: I signed up for level 1, which was 1-5 books, and I read two (plus one novel set at the time).  This was about what I wanted to do, but I still want to read more HR books; the two I read were excellent.  Complete.

Pre-Printing Press Challenge: The rule was to read books from before 1440.  I signed up for 10, and I did hit 10, mostly Arthurian titles.  I meant to read other medieval literature too but there's only so much I can do.  Complete.

Russian Literature Challenge: O's was a favorite this year. I signed up for level two, 4-6 titles, but always hoped to do more.  I ended up with 10 Russian novels plus a volume or two of history.  I didn't read all the Russian literature, history, and criticism that I want to read, but what would be the fun in that?  I think I did well.

TBR Challenges: I signed up for 24 unspecified titles with Bev, and 12 specified titles + two backups with Adam.  I hit the 24 by the skin of my teeth, and finished 13 of the 14 on the specific list.  I just could not read Still Life.  Still, I completed both.

In ongoing projects, I have now hit a total of 89/150 in my Classics Club list.  On the other hand, my Non-Fiction Adventure total is all of 12, which is kind of embarrassing.

See you in 2015!  Lots to look forward to.


  1. Wow! Congratulations! All challenges complete! Now I would like to know where you get all that time to read!?

    If you feel embarrassed about your Non-Fiction Adventure, pop over to my blog and you'll feel better. I think I'm at a miserable 5.

    I hope you have a great challenge year for 2015!

  2. Ha! It's not that I have a ton of time. I read fast, and I'm good at reading while doing other things, like cooking and so on. These days I am embarrassingly bad at sitting down and reading for long periods of time; I tend to nod off!


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