Happy New Year! -- What Are You Reading?

Happy 2014 everyone!  May you all have a wonderful year of reading great books of all kinds.

January is so full of exciting events that I do not know how I'm going to fit it all in.  I'm going to give it a good try, though.  Here are some of my plans:

Long Awaited Reads Month: I've been saving these titles:
  1. Maidenhair
  2. The Thing Around Your Neck
  3. Dead Souls
  4. In the Steps of the Master 
  5. The History of the Renaissance World
  6. The Mill on the Floss
Vintage Science Fiction Not-A-Challenge:
  1. Rendezvous With Rama, Arthur C. Clarke
  2. Dune (can you believe I've never read Dune?), Frank Herbert
  3. Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, Philip K. Dick
  4. The Demolished Man, Alfred Bester
  5. The Forever War, Joe Haldeman
  6. We, Evgeny Zamatin
Children's Literature Event:
  1. Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls
  2. The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum
  3. ??? 
The Eugene Onegin Readalong: starts January 7th

The Classics Club theme for January is Shakespeare/Elizabethan England, and (if I can!) I'd like to read The Winter's Tale, it being winter and all.  It was my Shakespeare professor's favorite play (yes, really), and I haven't read it since.  Come to think of it, I probably took Shakespeare in 1994, so that makes 20 years.  Oh dear.

In order to do even a tiny bit of this, I will certainly need a readathon, and luckily the Classics Club has obliged with its Second Annual Readathon on the 4th.

All this doesn't even include all the challenges I signed up for.  So if you stop hearing from me, it's because I suffocated under a giant pile of great books, OK?  Send help!


  1. Yay! You are reading Where the Red Fern Grows.

    You definitely have an ambitious year ahead.

    Happy New Year!

  2. So many plans! You really DO need a readathon! I'm planning to participate too, and I'm really looking forward to it. I think I'll try to get ahead and read The Wizard of Oz then. Good luck and happy reading!

  3. (By the way, Chrome was giving me grief--the above comment was supposed to link to simplerpastimes!)

  4. LOL! Take a hose with you wherever to you go, so you can breath through it until help comes! ;-)

  5. "See" you at the readathon tomorrow... :)


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