March Magics is coming!

I am so happy that Kristen is hosting March Magics again this year!  It's been tough times lately, so we're taking it easy.  Kristen says:
As I am a bit scattered, stressed, demoralized, and a host of other not-fun emotions at the moment, and since I know some of you are feeling the same, I wanted to continue with last year's theme and have this event really be about the joy you find while you spend time with these two authors. Simply pick up your absolute favorites, dive into them, and lose yourself for a few hours. Afterwards, share that love with others. If you want to host a readalong or a giveaway, DO IT! If you want to write a blog post, share on social media, or even read with your kids--PERFECT! If you want to pick up that last book you have been saving with a heavy heart, this is the time.

Yep, this is an event I can really get on board with.  Diving into an alternate reality (or several) and finding some joy there seems like an excellent plan.  I haven't thought too hard about plans yet, but...

I recently had a nice couple of Discworld novels fall into my hands: Interesting Times (how apropos) and Unseen Academicals.  Of course I've read them before, but it's been a long time.  Perhaps I will also show you my lovely collection of Discworld stamps!  I really need to frame and display them somehow; they are so fun.

As for my beloved DWJ, I think I'll have to revisit Archer's Goon, which I adore.  Perhaps I'll read the two Dalemark books I didn't read during Witch Week (that would be Spellcoats and Crown of Dalemark).  Kristen says she'll be reading Hexwood, and I can always use a re-read of that very complex and confusing book.  And it's been a long time since I last read Castle in the Air...I don't have any DWJ stamps, but I did start a DWJ embroidery project once, which fell by the wayside; I wish I'd used a backing fabric, which makes me want to start over, but usually when I actually look at it, I realize it's fine.  Perhaps I'll get it out and take a look.

Hooray for March Magics!  Are you going to join in?


  1. Hooray, thank you Kristen!
    I don't know what I'll read but I'd like to join, as usual.


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