Book Blog Expo, Day 2: Bookstores

At the last possible moment, I found out about the Book Blog Expo event, hosted by Donna at Girl Who Reads.  Looks like fun so I'm joining in!

Day 2 - May 31 - Favorite Section in the Bookstore. Do you head straight to the new releases or bargain rack? Do you spend hours perusing the mysteries or perhaps you can't drag yourself out of the young adult section? Or is there something unique about your local indie bookshop that makes it a must stop every time you pass it? Whether you shop in a brick and mortar or an online bookstore, what is your favorite section? Consider discussing the genre itself or providing a list of favorite (or recent) finds.

Who says I spend all my time at the bookstore?  I spend all my time at the LIBRARY.   Libraries are full of books I can take home for free!  That said, I certainly like bookstores too, and I am always happy to pop into the local (very large and wonderful) used bookstore to have a look around.  I can also spend a happy evening browsing at Barnes & Noble with my husband.

I have lots of favorite sections in my library (the one I work in).  P is the home of literature, and I'm always poking around in there for more novels, from the Slavic works in PG to the Germanic novels in PT.  TT has books about sewing and embroidery -- fancy ones I can't afford to buy myself, though some of the fanciest end up in the art books.  G is for geography, so the travel books are there, and folklore goes in G too.  Z is where books about books live!  D - F is history.  All of those are favorite spots.  As a former co-worker once said to me, "Everything is better in the stacks." 

And of course, a work day is not complete without a perusal of the New Books shelf, even though nothing may have shown up there from one day to the next.  The cart of returned books also needs checking, in case anyone has been reading anything good.

When I go to the used bookstore, it's a little different.  I check the tail end of the mysteries section in case there is anything by an author I collect, and I look through the SF for old paperbacks with fun covers.  I also like to look at the history section, especially for Lakeside Press editions, which are for some reason fairly common at that store.  Sometimes I grin at the shelf where someone marked "Bad Wolf" in pen a few years ago, and I enjoy walking on the creaky wood floors.  The building is kind of historic and there are some neat stories associated with it.

That's a couple of my favorite book places.  I could talk about the local public library, or all sorts of other places too.


  1. I love my library though it is small and cramped (we just broke ground on the expansion) so doesn't lend itself well to browsing so I tend to do that at the bookstore where I can ooh and ahh over all the pretty covers.

  2. Well, I just think working at a library is the coolest job ever. The next best would be B&N or a used bookstore. We're at our library at least once a week, and I'm almost tempted to ask if they are hiring, just for fun.

  3. Hooray for library expansion!

    Ruth, you could ask! Our library hires are through the county, so it would depend on how your system is set up.

  4. Working at a library must be as wonderful as working at a bookstore! Two of my ex-Waldenbooks co-workers now work at a library.

  5. Oh, I would argue that it's better. I can take home the books for free, and I get to help people do their research and succeed in their schoolwork! Plus the books are not just what is being published right now, but a decades-old collection. And I get to do Banned Books Week.


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