Book Blog Expo, Day 1: Intro and Networking

Hey, I just discovered this event: the Book Blog Expo, hosted by Donna at Girl Who Reads.  It's instead of BEA.  Looks like fun, so I'll just start in...

Day 1 - May 30 - Introductions & How to Network. Since networking starts with an introduction, we will roll these topics into 1 post. Gives us the 411 on you - who, what, where, when, why and how. Who are you, What do you blog, Where do you blog (also share where to find you on social media), When did you start blogging, Why do you blog, How do you go about your blogging and being involved in the book community (how do you network).

Who/What/Where: I'm Jean, I'm a librarian, mom, and quilter, and I live in rural Northern California -- the part everyone forgets exists.  (This has pros and cons: it's not very crowded, which is nice, but the rest of the state likes to use our water and forgets to give us any money.)

When/Why/How: I've been blogging since 2010 and I started because I wanted to participate in reading challenges.  I didn't know anything about blogs at the time, so my friend had to help me get started.  I've been a minimalist Blogger person the whole time, and while I'd like to spiff the place up a bit, I'm pretty happy where I am as far as platform and format.  This is a fun hobby for me, and I like the freedom to write about whatever I'm reading and not worry about a large audience.  I post what and when I like, but I aim at three times a week.

I don't have a focus on this blog, but right now I'm mostly reading classics, world literature, history, and whatever else I feel like reading.

Find me on Facebook at Howling Frog Books, and Twitter @JeanLeekPing.   I am really, REALLY bad at Twitter, which is a shame for a book blogger, but I just can't deal.

Networking: I'm always up for visiting new folks and participating in fun events!  Nobody could call me a talented networker but I love my friends and finding new ones.  I'm pretty useless at readathons events, but challenges and theme months are my favorites.  I have my own event, which is more of a long-term project that will take forever: The Reading All Around the World project!  Join us; there are badges!


  1. Thanks for participating in Book Blog Expo. It is great to meet you.

  2. It's lovely to meet you! I get addicted to reading challenges! I'm always finding new ones to join on Goodreads.


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