Dream Angus

Dream Angus, by Alexander McCall Smith

When I read Baba Yaga Laid an Egg last month, I found out that it was part of this "Myths" series.  Then I was at the library and happened to pass the McCall Smith shelf in fiction, and I remembered that he'd written one too, so I looked for it, and there it was--Dream Angus.  McCall Smith explains that Dream Angus is Celtic deity, a very old one, and he is the god of love and youth and beauty, giving dreams of a person's true love and making people fall in love with each other.

This very short book--it's not exactly a novel--tells the Celtic myth story of Dream Angus, son of the Dagda and a river nymph, interspersed with parallel Angus stories set in the current day, or in the fairly recent past.  There's a newlywed couple on a ferry, a boy whose beloved older brother is going to leave home, a woman who left her husband when she discovered his affair, another woman whose brother solves--sort of--a problem with her disaffected teenage son.

I enjoyed it very much.  It couldn't be a much faster read, but it stays in your mind.


Joy said…
I know so little about Celtic mythology and get confused every time I look at it. This might help!
That sounds fascinating. I'll keep an eye open for it.

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