DWJ Month wrapup

March isn't quite over yet and you still have time to read Archer's Goon or Hexwood.  I just thought I would wrap up now and direct you over to Neil Gaiman's tribute--written two years ago--and Kristen's final post.

This fantastic watercolor painting is by Goldeen Ogawa.  Check out her fun post on HMC!

I have been reading Howl's Moving Castle aloud to my kids, in particular the 9yo (who is almost 10, ack!).  My younger daughter is notoriously picky about what she reads and usually refuses to open any book she doesn't already know she will like.  The solution is to read her new books aloud, so she gets hooked on them without having to take the plunge herself.  Howl's Moving Castle makes a wonderful read-aloud--the humor comes through wonderfully and it's just really fun.

I hope you've had some fun with DWJ Month, and I'm looking forward to next year already.  Maybe by then I'll have something neat to show off.


  1. Most of Diana Wynne Jones's books are wonderful to read aloud. I read most of her oeuvre to my little sister over the years, and we both had tons of fun with it. I think there were only four or five I didn't read to her, out of all of them. Archer's Goon is good for that too!


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