Vintage Sci-Fi Not-a-Challenge in 2018

One of my favorite January things is this event!  Little Red Reviewer says:

Welcome to the Vintage Science Fiction not-a-challenge!  Through out the month of January, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,, 2017 I will be reading and discussing as much “older than I am” science fiction and fantasy that I can, and everyone is invited to join me!  We’ll be talking about time travel, laser guns, early robotics, first contact, swords and sorcery, predictions for humanity and the authors who came up with it all. Haphazardly, the defining year for “vintage” is 1979.  The only “rule” for this not-a-challenge is that your blog post must be during the month of January. To see previous posts about Vintage Science Fiction Month, just type “Vintage” into the little search box-thing.

I have three or four books ready to go.  One is, er, the Silmarillion.  We'll see...


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