2017 Challenge Wrapup

Time to start wrapping things up, though I still have one or two things to check off the list:

Reading All Around the World: Good progress with 27 countries. My very own project!  It's officially not a challenge, and it's certainly not just for 2017, so if you'd like to join me, please do.  This is a long-term deal.  I read books from 27 countries (two of which are freshly read and will be posted in a day or two).  That's about 15% of the total, so not bad! 

Mount TBR 2017: Completed with 29/24.  I aimed for 24 and wound up with 29 titles read, and of course more books on the TBR shelf than were there when I began...though that's largely because I went through my bookshelves and moved a bunch!

European Reading Challenge 2017: 12 unique countries.  I read a lot of things set in Europe -- I have 17 on the list but there were plenty more -- but only managed to hit 12 countries.  I was hoping for more.  Maybe in 2018!

Russian Literature Reading Challenge: Completed with 5 titles.  I aimed for the "Chekhov" level for 4-6 titles, and read 5.  I was really hoping for more, though.

Back to the Classics 2017: Almost completed with 11/12 titles.  I've got one more to go and I plan to get it done!  I need an award-winning classic published before 1967...

Reading the Histories in 2017...and then some: Near-complete failure with ONE title.  Oh man, I really fell down on this one.  I read Herodotus, hooray, but Thucydides nearly killed me and I only got to about page 90, and after that...well, I want to read Plutarch!  I do!  Sigh.

The Classics Club: Progress with 20. I started my new CC II list in March, and read 20 titles.  That's pretty good, I think!

On the whole, I'm pleased, but I sure am disappointed in myself over the Reading the Histories project.  Maybe I'll manage some in 2018?  On the other hand, it is kind of over the top to try to read a bunch of classics, books from every country, books according to taste, AND a long list of heavy histories...maybe that wasn't very realistic.


  1. As always I am in awe of your reading breadth and depth. Better luck with the histories next year (I read Thucydides in high school and that was enough for me), but really, you should give yourself a pat on the back for all you accomplished. Roll on 2018!

  2. That is a lot of challenging material to get through in one year!


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