Readathon Update, Day 4

Today was pretty good for reading.  I finished Anne Perry's Blind Justice, about the last third of it (turned out I'd read two thirds yesterday), and got in a chunk of In the Steps of the Master--a really long book, I'm now about a third through it.  I also picked up a book of short stories from my TBR pile that I started a while back, which I'm having trouble getting into.  It's called People Tell Me Things, and they are really New Yorky stories which I'm not much into.  One of the stories I read today had a poster of Sting as a story element.  Sting is possibly the only real person mentioned in this entire book of stories, which contains a lot of gossipy-sounding stuff about real-sounding people who are not in fact real.  Sting, therefore, gets the song of the day.  I quite like Sting (despite his undeniable pomposity) so it was hard to pick, but we'll go with Desert Rose because it's about the right timeframe for the story--no early songs allowed!--it has no particular meaning for me, and I like the Algerian guy, Cheb Mami, who does the other half of the song.  Although it's an uber-obnoxious video, pretty much an ad for a video camera and a fancy car.  

And here, as your daily special bonus, is a collection of "retro library posters" like the paperback covers I linked to the other day.  This one here will resonate with any reference librarian:


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