Readathon Update, Day 3

Today I read a pretty good piece of In the Steps of the Master, which has some great stuff in it about old legends and ruins and history.  I needed something to read by the pool, so I started Anne Perry's latest mystery, Blind Justice, which is pretty good so far. I'm probably about a third of the way through.  I always read Perry, but she sort of bugs me too, always spending a lot of time on fine shades of emotion and meaning--though her characters aren't as annoyingly prickly and irritable as they used to be.

The Perry novel is, of course, set in Victorian London, and contains some mentions of music halls.  The music hall song I know best is "My Old Man Said Follow the Van," so here it is, with some other classic London songs.  This performance is from 1961 and quite stagey, but it's fun.

I have another song for you!  This is a library-themed song, and I can't get it to embed, but the lyrics are at the page anyway.  Please enjoy "What Can I Help You Find Today?" -- it's funny!


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