DWJ March Kickoff: My Collection

For the first day of DWJ March, Kristen wants us to show off our collections.  Mine is fairly extensive, but beat up.  All of them have been read many times.  They mostly live in my 13-year-old daughter's room now.  She got the whole collection on to one shelf for you to see, so ignore the shelf above that.

I have duplicates of a few titles.  And I have just about everything, except Changeover and Islands of Chaldea (coming soon!).  I even have a copy of Yes, Dear, a picture book about a little girl who finds a magic leaf, but I'm not sure where it is right now.  I thought I knew, but it wasn't there.

Some of my copies are really ancient and I would like to get new ones before they fall completely apart.  Check out my copy of The Ogre Downstairs: hideous cover from 1977, former library copy, and a paperback.  The Spellcoats isn't doing much better; I picked it up used and it's from 1979.  Though I actually quite like the cover!  And Archer's Goon, also bought used--in the 1980s--and starting to disintegrate. 

As you can see there is not much in the way of matching sets.  I absolutely loved the Dalemark covers that came out some years ago, but I only have Drowned Ammett; I wish I had the others too.  DWJ mostly suffered from horrible cover art, but those Dalemark covers were lovely, and quite a bit of the newer stuff is great.  I don't have any of those nice UK covers you see now, but they are pretty good.

So there you have it--my DWJ shelf.


  1. I agree that old DWJ books have some of the worst covers out there but now, with the rereleases, they happen to have some of the most gorgeous ones that I've ever seen (and not just because I already love the books).

    I'm jealous that you have a Black Maria. I would love a copy with that title on it because it has so much more meaning than plain old Aunt Maria.

    Thank you for sharing your collection! I will definitely encourage Z to read my books but I'm not sure I'll ever let them disappear into his room. ;)

  2. I do love the title Black Maria, while Aunt Maria means practically nothing. And I agree about the re-releases--they are pretty great covers. Wish I had some!

  3. Someone needs to rerelease Aunt Maria with the proper title on it!

    Do you want me to have a copy of The Spellcoats sent to you? I am pretty sure I can get one on PaperbackSwap if you want -- I have loads of credits and nothing particular I'm planning to spend them on. Email me if you'd like another copy -- readingtheend AT gmail DOT com. It's from Paperbackswap, so it would be used, but most of the books I've gotten from them are in reasonably good condition.

  4. I am also in agreement about the terrible old covers! But the newest US releases are pretty good, and the HarperCollins ones from the UK (I think?) are FABULOUS.

    -- Anastasia @ Here There Be Books

  5. That's a wonderful collection. And I'm glad the next generation is enjoying them.

    I just popped downstairs to look at mine and had this feeling some were missing. Reading your post has reminded me that they are in my 10 year old son's room.

    I'll get them all in one place before I take the photo for my post (I'm playing catchup.)


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