DWJ: Favorite Main Character

Today we are asked to talk about our favorite main character.  This is something of an impossible question!  I will tell you a few of my favorites and see what happens.

Tanaqui from the Dalemark quartet is a long-time favorite of mine.  She is stubborn and impatient, but insightful too.  I love how she tells her story.

Christopher Chant, especially as a kid, is one I love.  Yes, he's kind of obnoxious at times, but what neglected nine-lifed boy wouldn't be?  I like his ideas.

Of course, Polly from Fire and Hemlock, and Tom as well.  Tom is excellent.  I like their partnership, how they write stories together.


  1. Yeah, there are bad things about Tom, but I love him because of all the books he sends to Polly. You can't stay mad at someone who recommends all sorts of amazing books.

  2. Exactly! Plus his epic rant about backs and admonitions against sentimentality.

  3. Polly and Tom are definitely on the fence for me. I like them in their own story but when I compare them against other DWJ main characters, I become less sure about them as "favorites". I think it means I need an F&H re-read. ;)


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