DWJ: Favorite Cover

Another tricky question.  For years, as we all know quite well, DWJ covers were mostly terrible.  Finding ones I like has been difficult.  These days the covers are far better, though.

I love the two different sets of covers that the Dalemark Quartet has had in the last several years.  The cover of Crown of Dalemark is awfully pink but otherwise they are great.  In the second set, I love how different pieces of the map are used as background with a sort of emblem superimposed on top.  Very nice.

My copy of Power of Three is from the UK, and I've always really liked the cover, but it was hard to find an image.  This one is tiny.  

I have to say this cover of Time of the Ghost is quite effective.  I don't have it but I would like to.


  1. I've never seen that Power of Three cover but it's a pretty good one! And I do like that Time of the Ghost cover but it's so, so creepy! I don't know if I could sleep, knowing it was on the shelf. ;)

  2. That is a pretty good cover for Time of the Ghost. Mine's that old blue one with the scared-looking ghost girl on the front -- not awful, but definitely not good.

  3. Mine is also blue with a ghost girl, but I bought it in the UK. She's holding a candle. Same one?

    I agree that this one is a completely creepy cover. I think it really captures the idea of Monigan.


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