Vintage Science Fiction Month

I found a new annual event to love!  Check out the annual Vintage Science Fiction Not-A-Challenge, hosted by Redhead at The Little Red Reviewer, which is a January event and also has an awesome fantastic button.  I'd be tempted to sign up just to get that badge!  Redhead says:

It’s almost December. you know what that means? that means it’s almost January.  And we all know what that means!  January means the return of Vintage Science Fiction month!

Shiny new stuff is well, shiny and new, and we all love it.   But what came before it?  Your favorite author happened to mention they were inspired by the writing of Jack Vance or H.P. Lovecraft or Andre Norton or James Blish? Aren’t you curious about how your favorite authors put their own spin on the dying earth and chthonic horrors?  To get a little philosophical, by knowing where I came from, I can better see where I stand, and better see where we’ve yet to go.  This January, let’s find out.

As in past years, I’ve arbitrarily decided 1979 is the magic year for determining if something is vintage or not, and as in past years I’ll ask that anyone participating link up their review in the Vintage Science Fiction tab at the top of the page.  This January, blog about a book or a comic book or a movie or a radio show or an author from before 1979 and let me know about it so I can come visit your blog. It’s that easy. Feel free to grab the red spaceship image above, and use it as a badge-y thing.

I'll be happy to read a little Simak or Bester or Philip K. Dick in January.  (I'm pretty sure I've got a Blish collection of Star Trek stories, even, remember those?) We've got quite a bit of good stuff around here.


  1. Oh wow Jean. You've really been nerding out! (That means a lot, coming from me.) :)

  2. Not that much--I decided not to join the SciFi Experience 2014, which was tempting but too much. :D


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