Another Classics Club Fun Thing

As long as we're talking about the Classics Club, check out their project for next year: Twelve Months of Classic Literature 2014.  Each month will have a theme, and members are encouraged to write articles as well as read books:  

This is a reading OR writing project. If you lack time to read about a topic for a month but would like to write about it (whether you’re an expert or not) that’s certainly encouraged. Research-based posts, free-writing, emotion-based “I love this topic” journal entries, lists – all are welcome and encouraged. Some of you may be experts (or experts in progress) on some of the selected topics. Your input is highly encouraged and appreciated! Others are new to literature. For you and the experts, exploration is encouraged.

  • January: William Shakespeare (or his contemporaries. Elizabethan England, etc)
  • February: Harlem Renaissance / African-American Literature.
  • MarchFeminist Literature / Persophone / Virago Literature 
  • April: Transcendentalist literature (or its inspirations/influence in literature)
  • May: Postcolonial Literature / World Literature.
  • JuneWorld War One and/or The Lost Generation. Modernist literature.
  • July: Post-Modernist literature.
  • AugustThe Enlightenment Thinkers 
  • September: Romantic Literature
  • October: LGBT literature
  • NovemberVictorian Literature
  • December: Freebie Month – Clearly we couldn’t cover everything in the prior eleven months. What wasn’t touched upon above that you want to explore/highlight/expand upon? Pick an author, movement or category within literature that means something to you and write or read about it to finish out the year.  

I don't see myself participating in every single month's theme, but I certainly hope to do as many as possible!  Doesn't it look fun?


  1. Ooh! I haven't seen this yet on the Classics Club blog. I'm excited! Definitely doing it--and I'm interested to see what you will do for it, too!

  2. How cool! How fun! I've never done any Classics Club events so far, but I kind of love a themed reading month.

    (Is October LGBT literature because Oscar Wilde's birthday is that month? Or am I reading too much into it because I love Oscar Wilde more than regular people?)

  3. Ha, I have no idea! You'd have to ask the CC mods. :)

  4. Like you, I won't be participating in every month but there are a few I'm definitely going to be joining in for. I think it's a great idea :)

  5. Ooh, and they could pick different themes next year...


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