The Bat--the movie!

DVD cover with mysterious photos
A while back I read Mary Rinehart Roberts' novel of The Bat, which was a hugely successful play in the 1920s.  I ran into a film version of The Bat at the library, so we took it home to watch; I was hoping it would be the play, in movie form.  It turned out to be the 1959 version, starring Vincent Price, and the screenplay must have been extensively rewritten--the basics were there, but quite changed, and with several character changes.

Still, we had fun watching the film.  Who does not adore Vincent Price?  My 13-year-old daughter has not yet had the fun of watching lots of old scary movies, so I'm going to try to educate her a bit as long as it's October.  I just love watching goofy old movies around Halloween, and this one was pretty good, though it lacked the incredible cheesiness of the novel.

So who are these people on the cover of the DVD?  They are not in the movie!  At least, they don't look like that--they are Agnes Moorehead and Vincent Price, but as of about 1925 I should think--at least 25 years before this movie was filmed.  Whoever designed the DVD image just slapped some old photos on a background of a random castle and went home for the weekend, I guess.

Now this is more like it!


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