What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 2

Although I don't know that I'll do this meme every week, I think it is a really fun thing to do, so here's my second installment.  I haven't actually done much sewing this week--the baby dress is ready to have sleeves put on but looks exactly as it did a week ago as far as photography is concerned.  I have made some progress on the smocking on the little-girl dress:

But mostly this week has been Easter/springtime/birthday stuff going on.  My younger daughter turned 10 yesterday (snif), and we spent Monday out hiking and looking at wildflowers.  Here is the birthday girl identifying frying pans, a very small yellow poppy. 


  1. I like how the dress is turning out. Happy Birthday to you daughter. #92

  2. The dress is beautiful! Happy birthday to your daughter. And you know, that is a make-Charlotte-Mason-happy photo if I've ever seen one. ;)

  3. It has been so long since I have seen anyone doing smocking! Good for you...I used to do it all the time for baby nighties, and I made one of my sons a little prince outfit. Hard to do smocking for 5 boys.LOL Your daughter is so pretty, redhead and all. A big happy birthday to her, they do grow up so fast, my baby turns 28 this year, Yikes. Enjoy every moment! Cathryn128

  4. Wow, I admire you for what you are doing....the smocking and the home schooling! Pat #132

  5. that little dress is looking amazing and just look at your little girl growing up she is so pretty I hope she had a great day

    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #64

  6. That little dress is coming along beautifully Jean. I admire anyone who has the skill to do such fine and intricate work.
    Have a great week and ………..
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @72

  7. That little dress is beautiful, the smocking must take such a lot of time. Love the photo of your daughter, it's important to be part of nature and not immersed in beeping electronics all the time! I like that you have some sun too!

    Brenda 87

  8. The smocking on the dress is just beautiful! Please share once it's finished.

    Happy belated birthday to your daughter!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (12)

  9. Smocking, wildflowers, and a darling redhead in one post! Such loveliness!!!


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